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Lessons & Series

Christian Faith and the Work of Rene Girard with Dr Trevor Eppehimer
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

God Calls Abraham's Family
Week 1: The Call of Abraham with Vick Bost
Week 2: God Chooses the Younger Twin with Keith Garner
Week 3: The Story of Jacob with Dr. Brad Trick
Week 4: Judah and Tamar with Rev. Steve Combs

Truth and Christian Faith with Dr. Trevor Eppehimer
Week 1: Christian Truth as Moral Truth
Week 2: Christian Truth Is What it Does
Week 3: Christian Truth as Paradoxical
Week 4: Christian Truth as Historical

The Significance Series with Dr. Bradley R. Trick

Week 1: The Significance of Preparation
Week 2: The Significance of the Wedding Banquet
Week 3: The Significance of Jesus' Death
Week 4: The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection

Women of the Bible 

Week 1: Prophesying Daughters led by Carole Simmons
Week 2: Called to Evangelize led by Dr. Barrie Kirby
Week 3: Mary Magdalene: A Faithful Disciple led by Rev. Lara Musser Gritter
Week 4: Priscilla: Called to Minister led by Elizabeth Snelbaker
Week 5: Lydia: Called to Serve led by Kathy Vestal

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