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Amplify Media

To access your free Amplify account, just follow these simple steps:                             

  1. Go to       

  2. Enter our Access Code NPRBCX. *** This is an access code to set up your account.  You will need to use a password of your choosing when prompted to set one.                               

  3. You will then be prompted to sign up for an account.  The church is paying for your membership so this account will be free!                                               

  4. Once you have an account set up you will be able to go to at any time and log in or by downloading the Amplify Media app.     

  5. Questions? Contact the church office at 704.636.1321.

A Gift for You!

Our church now has access to Amplify Media! Amplify is a multimedia platform that features thousands of videos you can use for study, reflection, worship and inspiration.       


There are videos for all ages preschool and up. You can access all of these videos anytime and on almost any device (computer, smartphone, smartTV, tablet).


Several of our Sunday school classes and small groups are planning to utilize this resource for their discussions. Jr and First Kids will be using curriculum videos on Amplify for their gatherings as well.


You can also access Amplify for your personal time of spiritual growth or to find safe video content for your children to watch (and learn Bible stories without even realizing it).


The Christian Education Committee is excited and thankful that the church has made this resource available!


If you know someone who does not receive our church emails or newsletter who is interested in utilizing Amplify, please have them contact Elizabeth Snelbaker.

Questions? Contact the church office at 704.636.1321

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